Changemakers challenge: We need your vote!

11 09 2011

Cyber Democracy has just entered the Changemakers challenge! Please help us develop this common goal by voting on us, and encouraging everyone you know to do so too! Your support is very important! Click the image below:


Update: Events Page

13 06 2011

There is now an events page where you can check out the events Cyber Democracy is participating in. Click here or check it out in the top bar.

Re-Thinking Cyber Democracy

12 06 2011

Thank you for everyone who has shown interest in this project! We are currently rethinking our approach. As you may know, our initial project centered around a ground-up redesign of webforums with certain features in mind. We are now discussing the creation of this system in another platform, more intuitive and used daily by more people. None of our core ideals have been compromised in any way. They have, instead, been given new shape. More information soon!

Spanish Protests and New Spanish Document

21 05 2011

The Spanish people have hit the streets in protest of the upcoming election, some of them protesting against the void representative democratic system, and instead fighting for more a direct democracy.

Follow the livestream here.

We have also uploaded a translated document of the main Cyber Democracy presentation, in Spanish. You can read it here or check it out in our Documents page.

New Video: Portuguese Presentation of Cyber Democracy (with English Subtitles)

28 04 2011

Below follows the presentation of our Cyber Democracy idea in Movimento Milénio‘s initiative by one of our members, Henrique Sanchez, head of our Public Relations Team. Movimento Milénio‘s initiative sought to gather new ideas from all over Portugal in the field of Democracy, and currently is still running under the fields of Business, Cities and Consumption.

(Documents Update) New Portuguese Document

28 02 2011

New portuguese document, directly translating the previous document regarding Potential Problems With Cyber Democracy

Potenciais Problemas Com A Ciber Democracia: Privacidade, segurança, fraude e custo

New Video: Portuguese Video on Cyber Democracy

28 02 2011

(Portuguese Promo Video) Deputados Ou Smartphones? from CyberDemocracy on Vimeo.